Recreational Fishing

The Authority has a marine district of approximately 500 square nautical miles containing unique combinations of marine species and habitats, which in turn support significant commercial and recreational fisheries. The district has over 30 charter boat operators in its ports and harbours and numerous tackle shops along the coast to support the angler and their needs.

The Sussex coast has been an attractive place for sea angling for many years, the climate and excellent fishing grounds draws anglers from all over the country to fish from a boat or from one of the many angling hotspots along the coast. Such places include Kingmere reef which sits inside a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) and is a popular location to catch Black bream. Offshore the Sussex District contains ‘marks’ that are nationally recognised as offering a unique angling experience. These include, but are not limited to, an area known as ‘Utopia’; famed for tope fishing; ‘The Overfalls’ (just outside the 6 miles limit) popular for bass angling (both of these sites are in the eastern Solent). The Sussex coast has many closed bays and estuaries that are also significant areas for recreational sea anglers to fish from.

In 2016 Sussex IFCA produced a Recreational Sea Angling Strategy which aims to:

Identify management decisions that support RSA as part of a sustainable Sussex marine fishery in terms of environment, community and economy.
Identify how Sussex IFCA can raise awareness in the RSA community on all angling matters.
Identify what Sussex IFCA should inform the RSA sector.

Sussex Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) Partnership
Sussex IFCA is calling for clubs, tackle shops and charter boat operators here in Sussex to get involved in a formal group to discuss RSA matters.

Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) is enjoyed by around 40,000 residents and tourists to Sussex and it contributes approx. £94m to the local economy. In 2015 Sussex IFCA ran a RSA survey to get a better understanding of the sea angling sector here in Sussex. One of the results that came from our survey was that anglers get most of their information regarding sea angling either by word of mouth (clubs) or from angling websites.
Sussex IFCA would like to work with the sea angling sector to help promote sea angling and engage in fisheries management related issues. Still interested then please see fill in this form.

Sea Angling Diary
Substance are calling for anglers to take part in their Recreational Angling Diary. For more information click here

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