Application to fish for scientific or breeding purposes

Fishing for scientific purposes

The following [all other Sussex IFCA Byelaws] byelaws shall unless otherwise specified apply to the whole area of the District, provided that nothing in these byelaws shall apply to any person fishing for seafish for scientific purposes, or for stocking or breeding purposes under the written authority in that behalf of the Local Fisheries Committee, signed by their Clerk, and in accordance with the conditions contained in that Authority.

The above Byelaw was established prior to the extension of the District on the 19th March 1996 (S.I. 1996 No. 847 Sea Fisheries, The Sussex Sea Fisheries District (Variation) Order 1996), and therefore shall not apply to any part of the sea beyond three nautical miles from the baselines, as defined in the limits of the Sussex Sea Fisheries District.

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