Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities have byelaw making and enforcing powers under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (Section 155 to 166). The IFCAs are reviewing all byelaws as a result of the act. Because of this new byelaws are being regularly created and old byelaws revoked. The below list is an up to date catalogue of the byelaws that apply to Sussex IFCA District.

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Application to fish for scientific or breeding purposes

Establishing a provision for taking of sea fish for scientific purposes within the Sussex District. 
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Fixed engines

Establishing detailed rules for the placing of nets (engines) in the Sussex District.
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Vessel length

Establishing the maximum permitted length of vessel to be used in the Sussex District.
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Fishing instruments

Establishing what fishing gears can be used in the District.
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Nearshore Trawling Byelaw

Establishing areas where trawling is prohibited within the Sussex District.
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Scallop closed season

Establishing a closed season for the use of scallop dredges.

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Chichester Harbour European Marine Site (specified Areas) Prohibition of Fishing Method Byelaw

Establishing areas of Chichester Harbour where certain activities are prohibited to protect Zostera spp. seagrass within the European Marine Site.
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Chichester Harbour Oyster Permit Byelaw

Establishing a permit system for the dredging of oysters in Chichester Harbour.
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Shellfish Permit Byelaw

Establishing a permit system and additional regulation for fishing of lobster, crab, whelk, cuttlefish and prawns.
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Marine Protected Area Byelaw

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Establishing fisheries management for Marine Conservation Zones, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protected Areas and other Marine Protected Areas.
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