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Stewart Harper


Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Commercial Fishing, Fish Processing and Trading Industry

I have 40 years experience in the fishing, fish processing and fish trading industries. I started as a fleet manager with British United Trawlers, one of the largest fishing vessel owners in Europe and part of Associated Fisheries plc. (AF). After that, I gained 7 years’ experience as a director of an international seafood trading company before returning to AF as a managing director / director of several of their seafood industry companies.

In 1993 I was appointed managing director of North Atlantic (Holdings) ltd, which owns and operates pelagic freezer trawlers. I am also involved in managing overseas investments in an inshore shrimp trawler fleet in Nigeria and a seafood processing factory in China.

I am a director of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) and Chairman of North Atlantic Fish Producers Association. I am also a director of the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association (PFA).

I have a strong interest in ensuring a viable and fair future for England’s inshore and offshore fishing fleets within a correctly managed marine environment. I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Northampton, am married with 2 grown children, and my leisure interests include rugby, golf and sailing (out of Shoreham).

Cllr Carolyn Lambert

Deputy Chair

East Sussex County Council

County Councillors

Cllr Carol Purnell
West Sussex County Council

Cllr Paul High
West Sussex County Council

Cllr Laurie Loe
East Sussex County Council

Cllr Pieter Montyn

West Sussex County Council

Cllr. Leo Littmann

Brighton & Hove City Council

Cllr. Trevor Webb
East Sussex County Council

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Additional Members Appointed by Statutory Authorities

Mark Bennett

Position: Team Leader, Environment Agency

I'm the Environment Agency's Fisheries Technical Specialist and their representative on the Sussex IFCA. I've worked for the Agency in Sussex for 10 years and see our key aims as:

To enhance the rivers, wetlands and coast of Sussex and the South East. Focus on delivering our flood risk priorities and the Water Framework Directive local measures to create sustainable ecologically functioning habitat.

To carry out this work within our Sussex communities.

To protect key river, wetland and coastal habitats by giving intelligent advice to Flood and Coastal Risk Management, Environmental Planning, other key partners and Community organisations.

To work with partners to achieve self-sustaining fish populations, responsible angling and sustainable commercial fishing.

To encourage rod licence sales and carry out targeted, intelligent enforcement.

Paul Johnson

Position: District Marine Officer, Marine Management Organisation

I am the District Marine Officer for the MMO Southeast District, which spans from Gravesend to Lyme Regis and incorporates three IFCA’s. As such I am responsible for the duties MMO carries out at sea and on the coast within the District. I have worked in the Southeast for some 17 years, from initially staring as a Fishery Officer with MAFF.


Allison Atterbury

Position: Marine Lead Adviser, Sussex and Kent, Natural England

I’m the senior technical specialist within Natural England’s Eastern English Channel team, which spans from Chichester Harbour, Sussex to the Deben Estuary, Suffolk. I have worked for Natural England for 10years both locally and as a national fisheries specialist. Natural England is the government’s nature conservation adviser and can bring to the IFCA technical advice on how to achieve its new conservation duties. Through my experience of working with Natural England I bring a depth of knowledge regarding marine conservation and fisheries and how these interact.

MMO Appointees

Graham Furness

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Recreational Sea Angling (Hastings)

I started sea angling in 1960 when I joined the East Hastings Sea Angling Association. Every fine weekend I would travel with my dad from Finchley (North London) to Hastings, a round trip of some 160 miles, to see if we could get afloat. Now, some 50 years later, my enthusiasm for the sport is undiminished. I’m still with the EHSAA where I’m currently the Commodore having also acted as vice-chairman and chairman (17 years). Since 1972 I have also been the club’s fish recorder and have always been interested in the changing trends of species landed and numbers/sizes of specimens landed. I have numerous friends in the local inshore fishing fleet and have joined them in trawling, trammel and gill netting including fishing for herring and sprats plus some potting in Scotland which has given me some insight into commercial fishing

In more recent times I have become interested in coaching the next generation of anglers and have completed my UKCC Level 1 certificate in coaching angling. Over the last 50 years I have become acutely aware of the decline in fish numbers and species available for anglers and worry as to whether there will be fish for the new generation I’m trying to encourage to catch. This is my main driver behind applying to join the IFCA as I believe the new legislation provides an unparalleled opportunity to ensure sustainable fish stocks for both anglers and commercial interests alike in the future.

Stephen Hanks

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Recreational Angling (Bexhill-on-Sea)

I am an owner of a fishing tackle shop in Bexhill-on-Sea, and am also on the committee of Bexhill Sea Angling Club. I have been an angler for most of my life, and recently completed my level 1 angling coach course.

I work closely with fishing and bait-digging on the local Bexhill-on-Sea shoreline, giving me first-hand knowledge as to what is happening in my coastal area, and my close association with numerous anglers and commercial fishermen provides feedback on any particular issues.

I am interested in understanding nursery and breeding areas as I believe that improved protection will ensure longevity and sustainability of local fish stocks, along with the promotion of better conservation practices for both recreational and commercial fishermen alike.

Dr. Peter Jones

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation

I wish to be involved in the integration of Fisheries with Biodiversity Conservation and bring the knowledge and experience gained through my research to an applied policy and decisions context.

My work has included research on marine resource governance, particularly on managing conflicts in integrated fisheries and biodiversity conservation.

I am interested in ensuring the effective conservation, including restoration, of fish stocks and biodiversity, including the marine ecosystems that support both.

I’m looking for a sustainable and profitable inshore fishing industry, particularly through the provision of sufficient quota and management measures, and the general protection of the fisheries and ecosystems of Sussex from incoming rogue fishermen.

Professor Paul Leonard

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Coastal Zone Management

I am a former head of the DEFRA Marine Environment Division’s Science Unit. I am also a Council member of the UK Environmental Law Association as well as a council member for the Society of Radiological Protection My main work is providing a peer review service that is science-based for a wide range of users including industry, local communities and government funded organisations. This might include resolving conflicts of interest, designing appropriate monitoring programmes and assessment of the significance of the information. Currently I am a Chief Consultant for Corporate Risk Associates Ltd ( ).

As a member of the Sussex IFCA, I hope to help provide advice on such issues as coastal zone management, best practice for the utilisation of marine aggregates, sustainable approaches to enhancing biodiversity and minimisation of pollution.


Jim Partidge

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Commercial Fishing & Fish Marketing (Shoreham-by-Sea)

I started fishing back in 1953 when I was taken herring drifting. By 1957 I’d obtained a second-hand trammel net, and started selling fish. In 1966, after a gruelling underwater seabed survey, I won the school Biology prize and a scholarship to Southampton University. During my gap year I worked on a trawler out of Newhaven, and after my studies I started fishing full-time for lobsters and crabs. By 1976 I had expanded to exporting spider crabs, and the same year I joined Sussex Sea Fisheries District Committee and the White Fish Authority Research and Development Committee.

After relocating my company to Shoreham’s Fisherman’s Wharf and building new tanks to accommodate the shellfish, I started to export internationally running from North West Ireland to Setabul in Portugal. I enjoyed a stint as commodore at Sussex Yacht Club, and in 1990 I became the Honourable Secretary of Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat.

In 2005-2006 I made 3 trips to the Tamil areas of East and North East Sri Lanka to help rebuild the fishing industry after the Boxing Day Tsunami.

In 2011 I joined Sussex Inshore Fishing and Conservation Authority, and my latest project is the introduction of ring-netting to the waters of Sussex.

Robert Yorke MA, MSc(Econ), FSA.

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise in: Underwater Archaeology

I have always had a strong interest in the sea starting at an early age fishing for mackerel and bass whilst on holiday. My interest spread to boating and sailing, and then at university I learnt to dive. In those days scuba diving was relatively new and so was underwater archaeology. I became an underwater archaeologist over a period of fifteen years, surveying submerged Roman and Punic harbours and wrecks along the Algerian, Tunisian and Libyan coasts.

In 1987 I became chairman of the Nautical Archaeology Society and then for the last 16 years I have been chairman of the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee. The aim of the JNAPC is to seek better protection for our underwater cultural heritage, such as historic wrecks and submerged prehistoric land surfaces, around the coast of the UK.

The organisation has achieved much by working with Government Departments, diving organisations and commercial developers. More details are available on the website . My day job has been as Finance Director of a private property company for 25 years and as a Management Consultant advising on the financial affairs of small and medium size companies. I have an MA in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.



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