The IFCA achieves compliance with fisheries regulations that underpin the sustainable fisheries and conservation features in the Sussex District. We do this by encouraging fishers to voluntarily comply with fisheries laws as well as operating an effective deterrent against non-compliance. Regular patrols are carried on at sea and on land. This is done in partnership with other marine enforcement organisations including the Marine Management Organisation, The Environment Agency and the Police, the Gangmasters Licencing Authority and the Food Standards Agency. A risk based approach is applied to enforcement activity: targeting specific fisheries activities at specific times of the year.

The IFCA raises awareness and understanding of regulations and the overarching sustainability and conservation goals that they aim to achieve.

Getting more stakeholders involved in the development of fisheries management allows greater understanding and compliance with the rules. It also ensures those rules are appropriate to that fishery. Through our local management and funding structures, the Authority helps to get local authorities, local communities, local businesses and individual citizens involved in the protection and enhancement of their inshore fisheries and marine environment.

Compliance and Enforcement Plan

We carry out a planned range of compliance and enforcement activity. Our plan is risk based, such that we target work at locations and times for maximum effect. We continuously collect intelligence which helps target our shore patrols and sea patrols. Read More


Our sea going capability is delivered through our Fisheries Patrol Vessels Watchful and Merlin. These assets enable us to have a good picture of activity in our district and enable us to inspect vessels at sea.
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Apply for a permit

If you would like to fish for shellfish in the District or specifically fish for oysters in Chichester Harbour then you will need a permit from us.
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