We work in partnership with many organisations around us. This can be in the form of funded joint projects, having a place on partnership meeting groups or simply coordinating activities with other organisations. You will be able to see this partnership approach throughout our work and this website. Below are descriptions and links to several partnerships.

Hastings Fisheries Local Action Group

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Europe has funded Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) around our coast. In Sussex we have the Hastings FLAG. Sussex IFCA supports the Hastings FLAG through our participation on its meeting groups. The Hastings FLAG factsheet can be seen here.

The Living Coast

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The Living Coast is the place where people and nature come together in our world-class environment of Downs, Towns and Coast. We are proud to be a UNESCO World Biosphere Region – our mission is to pioneer a positive future that connects people and nature to inspire a positive future, today. Sussex IFCA has been a part of the project since its early days and has helped shape its marine environment and local fisheries content.

Sussex Marine and Coastal Forum

The Sussex Marine and Coastal Forum is a partnership group made up of environmental regulators, industry and non government organisations who wish to cooperate to get the best reults for the Sussex marine environment and the community and economy that depends on it. The group does not have its own website at present.

Catchment Partnerships

The UK has taken a catchment based approach (CaBA) to managing it aquatic systems: rivers, lakes, groundwater, seas and estuaries. The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) embeds collaborative working at a river catchment scale to deliver cross cutting improvements to our water environments. Community partnerships, bringing local knowledge and expertise, are active in each of the 100+ Water Framework Directive catchments across England, including those cross border with Wales. More than 1500 organisations are engaged with CaBA nationwide including NGOs, Water Companies, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Landowners, Angling Clubs, Farmer Representative Bodies, Academia and Local Businesses. Sussex IFCA  is part of the Adur & Ouse Catchment Partnership and the Arun & Western Streams Catchment Partnership. We support the Partnerships in their work on their coastal and etsuarine  work...  

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