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Thank you for taking an interest in Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority website. We hope you find it easy and interesting to explore with the information you need. Perhaps it inspires you to discover more about the marine environment and fisheries along the Sussex coast and how abundant and diverse the marine fora and flora are.

We know many of you are increasingly interested in our seas and how they are managed and protected, so we’ve tried to include information that will meet everyone ’s needs.

For those who are interested in the marine biology, the site contains detailed information on some of the most well known finfish and shellfish species that live in the area..

If you are either a commercial or recreational fishermen you can access information on local fisheries regulations and download documents to help you understand the rules and why we manage fishing.

Take a virtual look at our Ditrict with our interactive map

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For those who want to find out more about fisheries management you can access our plans to further improve management and how you can become involved in the process. If you have something you want to say about the work we are doing or the information we provide please let us know.

Through the stated IFCA ‘Vision’ we are committed to the sustainable management of Sussex marine fisheries and the conservation of the environment for everyone. Our team is committed to improve the future for Sussex coastal waters with you.

UK Marine Policy Statement UN Marine Sustainability Targets  Governance


Nearshore Trawling Byelaw and Netting Permit Byelaw Consultations

We have been conducting a review into Sussex IFCA  District nearshore trawling and netting management. Having reviewed evidence and stakeholder views we are proposing new regulation to protect sustainable fisheries and the essential fish habitats that support them. Notice is hereby given that Sussex IFCA intends to apply to the Minister for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for confirmation of the Nearshore Trawling Byelaw 2019 and the Netting Permit Byelaw 2019. The public consultation period is now closed.

Kelp forests are an essential fish habitat that we are seeking to restore through this management review. A short film about Sussex kelp forests can be viewed here..


Please let CEFAS know if you catch a tagged starry smooth-hound. Further details in this poster .

2019 Bass regulations for commercial and recreational fishing

To protect the vulnerable bass population in European seas new regulation is in place.  Read More

Essential Fish Habitats: Natural capital & Ecosytem services
As part of our consultations we have produced a factsheet to expalin what Natural Capital and their Ecosystem Services means for essential fish habitats and fisheries here .

Chichester Harbour
See some of our latest Chichester Harbour project work  here .

Sussex Shellfish Permit Byelaw
If you fish for lobster, crab, whelk, cuttlefish or prawns in Sussex District then you need a shellfish permit from Sussex IFCA. See the guidance information here.

Read the results of our shellfish permit holder survey here , Also, read our 2016/17 report on the Sussex shellfishery here

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People in Sussex can all enjoy the beaches and sea around us, from divers, swimmers, anglers, commercial fishers and sailors to people walking along the beaches and cliff tops taking in the sights. How many people know about what’s under the sea, and about the fishing that it supports? The dolphins that frequent the sea around Brighton and the seals that haul out in Chichester Harbour are flagship Sussex species that indicate the incredible marine wildlife that exists more often out of sight.

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There is a diverse commercial fishing fleet that operate off the Sussex Coast. Many boats are under 10m in length and operate inshore, usually within six nautical miles (nm) of the coast. These boats land their catch daily. Most of the fleet operate throughout the year in pursuit of whichever fish or shellfish (and or quota) is available during the season. For example sole are fished in the spring and autumn, bass are targeted in the summer and cod in the winter. There is a thriving recreational sea fishery from the shore and from a fleet of private boats and charter vessels.

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