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On this page you will find information on our current consultations. If you are a stakeholder then please help us get the best management decisions made for our sustainable fisheries and conservation sites by taking part.

Proposed Minimum Size (Fish, Crustacea and Mollusc) Byelaw 2021 CLOSED

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The Minimum Size (Fish, Crustacea and Mollusc) Byelaw 2021 for commercial and recreational fisheries consultation is closed. Further updates will be issued on the website.

The consultation documents used can be found below.

Consultation Overview - your guide to the consultation
The Byelaw - The proposed Minimum Size (Fish, Crustacea and Mollusc) Byelaw 2021
Technical Guidance supporting the Byelaw text
The Impact Assessment - Technical details of evidence and cost benefit analysis

The Consultation Fact Sheet - a brief flyer
Regulatory Notice - notice of the byelaw consultation

Hand Gathering of Bait and Shellfish Management Review

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An initial evidence collection survey has been run and completed. Any further updates on the consulation will be posted here

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