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The Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority is one of ten IFCAs around the coast of England which manage sea fisheries resources and the marine environment from mean high water out to six nautical miles. We have powers under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 to write and enforce our own byelaws in our own districts to manage the exploitation of sea fisheries resources, including within Marine Conservation Zones. We came into force in April 2011, replacing our predecessors the Sea Fisheries Committees. 

IFCA Vision

Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities will lead, champion and manage a sustainable marine environment and inshore fisheries, by successfully securing the right balance between social, environmental and economic benefits to ensure healthy seas, sustainable fisheries and a viable industry.

Association of IFCAs

The District

Sussex IFCA District extends from Chichester Harbour in the West to Rye Harbour in the East and covers the combined areas of the relevant councils as well as the West Sussex and East Sussex coastline out to 6 nautical miles from the baselines. Sussex IFCA borders Southern IFCA to the west and Kent and Essex IFCA to the east.

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Like all IFCAs, the Sussex IFCA has a governing committee. Ours consists of members from West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton & Hove councils, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Environment Agency, Natural England and stakeholders appointed by the MMO. The appointed members of the Authority are acquainted with the needs and opinions of the fishing community of the district and have knowledge of, or expertise in, marine environmental matters.

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IFCA Staff

The Authority employs a specialist team of multi-disciplined professionals to undertake its work. Individually they have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in their respective roles. The organisation comprises 15 members of staff in: compliance, marine operations, research, environmental, finance and administration functions. Staff are overseen by a senior management team and the Chief and Deputy Chief Officers.

Our Duties

The Marine and Coastal Access Act (MACAA) 2009 details the duties of the IFCAs. We must:

  • Seek to ensure that the exploitation of sea fisheries resources is carried out in a sustainable way
  • Seek to balance the social and economic benefits of exploiting the sea fisheries resources of the district with the need to protect the marine environment from, or promote its recovery from, the effects of such exploitation
  • Take any other steps which in the authority's opinion are necessary or expedient for the purpose of making a contribution to the achievement of sustainable development
  • Seek to balance the different needs of persons engaged in the exploitation of sea fisheries resources in the district
  • Seek to ensure that the conservation objectives of any Marine Conservation Zones in the district are furthered

Privacy & Data Protection

Sussex IFCA’s Privacy Notice, Data Protection Policy and Data Protection Information are all available for your information.

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Service Plan & Performance Standards

We are committed to being a transparent and accountable organisation, we want you to know what you can expect from us and the level of service we will provide. Please click on the link to see more details.

The promise
The six-point promise shows what you can expect from us.
1. We will be polite and respectful in all of our dealings with you.
2. We will respond to you via the communication channel that you specify, whenever we can (in person, the telephone, by email or letter).
3. We will serve you in a timely manner.
4. We will own your enquiry by taking responsibility for resolving it.
5. We will listen to your point of view.
6. We will provide you with accurate information that you can rely on.

Service Plan & Performance Standards

Further Information

The Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) issues guidance to support the IFCA in carrying out its role.

Legislation pertinent to the governance and duties of Sussex IFCA include MACCA and the Sussex IFCA Order 2010.

Defra Sussex IFCA Order 2010

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Sussex IFCA
12A Riverside Business Centre
Brighton Rd
West Sussex
BN43 6RE

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Telephone: 01273 454407
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Email: admin@sussex-ifca.gov.uk
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